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2013-14 KHL Gold Collection~$148.95/Box

We are proud to announce that also this year SEREAL in collaboration with Kontinental Hockey League have created -"KHL GOLD COLLECTION 2014" for their collectors in Russia and Europe . 22 different and unique card series. Original players and coach autographs, game worn jerseys, hockey sticks, goal nets and even a piece of hockey board from the KHL Final. All of this and many more in the new KHL GOLD COLLECTION 2014. The collection will consist of 24-card packs per box. Each pack contains one exclusive card.


2013-14 KHL Card Collection~$44.95/Box

The KHL 2013/2014 card collection consists of a total of 20 different series. From the brightest moments of the past season, to the current players and teams of the new season. As in previous years, the basis of this card collection consists of the basic series of all KHL teams. The collection will also contain original autographs of hockey players from the brand new 2013 Draft game and ceremony, as well as the biggest hockey stars who have fought on the KHL ice in the last few seasons. A total of 34 packages will be found in one 6th season KHL card box. One package will consist of 5 player cards. Among the 34 packages - 4 EXCLUSIVE CARDS (Jersey or Autograph) and 10 parallels.


2012-13 KHL Basic Series~$76.99/Box
This season KHL Marketing and SEREAL have prepared a very interesting and enjoyable season’s first product for our hockey fans. This season will also bring new features and various details. Each card box will include an game-worn jersey card and each  2nd box will have an unique autograph card. Set Checklist

2011-12 KHL All Star Collection~$66.99/Box
“Sereal”, has released its second KHL 2011/2012 season player card collection by the name of “KHL ALL-STAR COLLECTION 2012”. The collection consists of various card diversity and multiplicity. In each box you will find one or two jersey cards, and at least one card from “Gagarin Cup Jersey Doubles 2010/11”. In every second box you will find one card from the “Original Jersey” series. “Gagarin Cup Jersey Doubles 2010/11” is an addition to the last season’s special card series. On each Jersey card there are two players and they are all embedded with an replica of the teams Jersey. As usual, each box contains 50 packs of player trading cards, each pack containing 5 cards. Jersey card packs will hold only one card, like it was in the last season. Set Checklist

2011-12 KHL Basic Series~$59.99/Box
The core of Kontinental Hockey League season 2011/12 trading card collection consists from basic series, which include trading cards from all league players. Each player trading card form collection is made in three different types: standard, silver and gold series. Silver and gold, as usual, is issued in a smaller print. In total each player has 100 gold and 500 silver trading cards. Special series trading cards are made on specially developed KHL hologram with the logo of the league, find these cards randomly inserted into packs. Each KHL trading card box contains 50 packs, with 5 trading cards per pack. Set Checklist

2011-12 Lokomotiv Memorial Set~$99.99/Box
This memorial player card set produced by “Sereal” and “Kontinental Hockey League” is a dedication to the victims of the tragic plane crash on the 7th of September 2011 in Yaroslavl. All of the funds from the sales of “Lokomotiv” memorial series will be donated to the victim’s families of the disaster. The collection altogether consists of 37 cards – with 26 players and 11 team management representatives. One card box holds 36 packs – with 5 cards per pack. These memorial cards serve as a reminder, that all of our beloved “Lokomotiv” players still have a special place in our thoughts and hearts. Set Checklist